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Katie Weaver

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Katie Weaver is the co-owner and developer of a spiritual healing center and metaphysical store she operates with her sisters. As a psychic and medium since early childhood, Katie has learned how to use her natural talents communicating with angels, ascended masters, animals and people who have passed, to comfort and serve a variety of clients. In addition to her abilities as a psychic, Katie is accomplished in the energy healing method of Reiki and has a special interest and expertise in mentoring psychic children and assisting the parents of these kids. Katie is the author of the book “The Very Best Thing” released in July 2012, and has been involved in a weekly radio talk show with her sisters for the past couple of years. “I truly feel I was born to make the world a better place and I am joyfully doing it” says Katie.


Katie describes her early life and training as follows. “As a kid, spirits visited me in my bedroom at night. I remember very clearly a little boy with a rubber ball who always wanted to play. There was a woman by my side dressed in an old fashioned high necked dress. Eventually I realized she is my spirit guide, Liza. At first I was afraid of the spirits to the point I actually made myself sick and needed stomach surgery from stuffing unhappy thoughts and energy. Through reading many books and devoting herself to studying spiritual and metaphysical phenomena Katie has transformed her personal experiences and the lives of her many clients. “I realized there was nothing to fear.”

Katie loves her work as a physic, medium and animal communicator. As a mom, she is particularly interested in psychic children and teaches classes at her spiritual healing center. “I love that I can help them navigate through fear of the unknown and into a magical world where they shine.” Katie joined to offer her gifts to a wider audience and clientele. She’s here to help you find the magic in your life and your unique ability to shine.

"Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows, Oh My!" with Katie on Wednesdays at 6 pm PST


Indigo Child- Indigo children have been in the world for quite some time now. The earliest Indigo children emerged in the 60's in the form of Flower Children. They are born with a inner need to change the world. They are often intense, fiercely loyal, highly intuitive, and born leaders. Many Indigo's come across as having ADD or ADHD due to their rapidly firing brains. They are often perceived as rule breakers or “bad kids” because the world is not moving fast enough for them. Indigo's usually have no problem telling it like it is. As little children, Indigo's are often head strong, independent, and helpful. As older children, Indigo's are often very mature, understand adult issues easily, and can come across as disrespectful to adults due to their own insight. As adults, Indigo's are often activists, leaders, sometimes outspoken on issues they are passionate about, and determined to make the world a better place.

Crystal Child- Crystal children emerged on the planet in the 90's and continue to be born today. Crystal children are a pure expression of unconditional love. They chose to be born to help bring our society back to a place of love and compassion. Crystal children are born with extremely high vibrating spirits, onto a much lower vibrating planet. Many of them have reacted physically with food sensitivities, ADD and ADHD, and many Autism spectrum disorder diagnoses. Crystals are highly empathic and tend to feel too much of the world around them. They are also very connected to their parents, through the heart and telepathically. As young children, Crystals tend to have excellent physical development but are late to talk. They are easy going children who get their needs met by their connection with their parents, no words needed. As grade school children, Crystals are friends to everyone and could never fathom persecuting or harshly judging anyone. People are often drawn to them due to their loving energy. As older children, Crystals are very sensitive and can be bullied due to their tender nature. They are definitely lovers, not fighters.

Rainbow Children- Rainbows are an interesting mix of Indigo and Crystal children. They are often as intense as an Indigo but have the unconditional love of a Crystal. They are very powerful human beings with pronounced psychic gifts. They have come into our lives with an intense need to accomplish their goals. They are very sensitive and tend to get their feelings hurt easily. As little children, Rainbows attract people wherever they go. They have a very special connection to animals and the earth. They prefer to spend their time around other people and do not like being alone. As older children, Rainbows love to laugh and have fun. Talking them into doing homework and chores can be an issue, since mundane tasks like that seem to be below them. Throughout their childhood, psychic gifts will continue to emerge and develop.

Sensitives- Many of the children on the planet right now do not fit into any one category very well. These are children whom I refer to as Sensitives. They may have some traits of all of the other categories. It is important as parents, teachers, and caregivers that we give children the right to be whoever they are without trying too hard to make them fit into any box or category.