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Kristi Brower

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Kristi is a gifted psychic, teacher and healer. She has been doing this work professionally for the past six years, but was well known to those around her in these capacities much earlier. Raised in a very conservative faith, Kristi decided at an early age that there is more than one path to the same goal. She has been guiding others as she has been guided, using her kindred spirits to teach, speak and heal. As a child Kristi remembers feeling a large presence on her right. She often felt protected and guided by this presence, but did not know who it was. In her twenties Kristi discovered through meditation that her angelic guide and protector is Archangel Michael.

Kristi picked a profession that helped her use her natural talents, Social Work. She worked in many different mainstream institutions before being able to follow her path full-time. Kristi and her sisters opened a metaphysical and healing center in 2007. A spiritual center soon followed that allowed Kristi more opportunities to teach. She has also been instrumental in building a community of like-minded individuals in her small, conservative community.

Kristi has been giving psychic readings on the radio for 2 years. She has been on Blogtalk Radio, New Sky Radio and now 12 Radio with her sisters. She has 2 radio shows on 12 Radio. She is one of “The Psychic Sisters” and has her own radio show called “Kindred Spirits.”

Using the many Angels, Archangels, Goddesses and Spirits that she channels, Kristi will give each person an individual message. Kristi has many years of experience clearing away darkness, and is not afraid to work with her angelic guide, Archangel Michael, to clear and transmute attachments to past relationships and situations, energetic cords from the experiences you have every day and dark entities that may have attached to you through traumatic experiences. No question is off-limits with Kristi and her team! So, what are you waiting for? Get your personal message by contacting Kristi. See what the “Kindred Spirits”have to say to you.

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Kindred Spirits with Kristi Brower


Mondays at 1 pm PST

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Kindred Spirits-February 18, 2013-Energy Boost

Kindred Spirits-February 11, 2013-Special Guest Jeryl Larson

Kindred Spirits-February 4, 2013-Courage to Change

Kindred Spirits-January 28, 2013-Spirit Guides with special guest Katie Weaver

Kindred Spirits-January 14, 2013-Root/Crown Shift

Kindred Spirits-January 7, 2013-Message from Archangel Michael

Kindred Spirits-December 17, 2012-Special Guest Ronda Knudsen and The Mother Goddess Azna

Kindred Spirits-December 10, 2012-Root Crown Imbalance

Kindred Spirits-December 3, 2012-Interview with Colette Baron-Reid and Elaine Read-Cole

Kindred Spirits-November 26, 2012-Message from Archangel Gabriel and Goddess Tara

Kindred Spirits-November 19, 2012-Message from Shakti and Kwan Yin

Kindred Spirits-November 12, 2012-Message from Archangel Elohiem and Morgan le Fay

Kindred Spirits-November 5, 2012-Message from Archangel Metatron

Kindred Spirits-October 29, 2012-Message from Archangel Uriel

Kindred Spirits-October 15, 2012-Message from Gaia

Kindred Spirits-October 8, 2012-Message from Archangel Michael

Kindred Spirits-October 1, 2012-Message from Shakti






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